Everyone in Singapore would have heard of the food heaven at JalanKayu which is home to the famous Thasevi roti prata. A branch of Blanco Prawn Noodle House is also located there and full of queuing customers. Have you guys heard of the famous Beach Road Prawn Noodle? Blanco and Beach Road Prawn Noodles are actually restaurants that are set up by the same Lee family. The prawn noodle at JalanKayu is really superb and is a must try for all foodie! Ok, back to ParcBotannia review. The reason why I mentioned JalanKayu is that Parc Botanniais a stone’s throw away from JalanKayu and one can feast on roti prata and prawn noodles daily if one choose to live in this lovely development.


(1) Location of ParcBotannia

ParcBotannia’s address at Fernvale Road makes it a 10 mins brisk walk away to the Seletar Mall. This development is also just right next to Thanggam LRT station which is 1 LRT stop away from Seletar Mall and 4 LRT stops to Sengkang MRT station. There is also a plot of land designated for Park development by Nark just next to ParcBotannia (the new park sits between High Park Residences and ParcBotannia).


In addition, the Sinking Riverside Park is also near ParcBotannia or 1 LRT station away- Perfect for nature enthusiasts or folks who enjoy jogging.


(3) Internal Layout and Premium Units with Private Lift

This is one of the most efficient unit layout that I have seen despite the smaller size of the apartments relative to those launched in the area 7-8 years ago (H20 Residences, River trees and Riverbank). 3 bidders are around 969 soft but do not feel cramp as seen in the show flat.


The high ceiling height of 2.9m certainly adds volume and exude class to the units. The developers are generous to have built in such high ceiling which is a sharp contrast to High Park Residences next door as well as many other condo ceiling heights of only 2.7m these days.


The best units in this development are the 4 bidder Premium units as well as the 5 bedder Premium Units which comes with its own private lift. There are only a total of 3 stacks of such premium units. In addition, the premium units come with walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom. The Master bathroom for the premium units also has 2 basins for “his” and “her” which are definitely very luxurious and posh.

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